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artifactory cfengine cache repository

Industrial Linux administration I manage a bunch of servers, more or less 1000 VMs, running either Debian (lenny,wheezy, jessie) or CentOS (5,6,7). In order to handle this, I use CFEngine. I mostly: Create the VM Add CFEngine repository (apt or yum) Install CFEngine (via apt or yum) Bootstrap  CFEngine State of the nation I performed the same steps for all VM I installed for the last 3 years. The main problem I face is the fragmentation of the agents versions: some old installations are still with CFEngine 3.5.x and the latests are on 3.8. This is not a bearable situation: I need to align versions. Methods and attempts My attempts to upgrade CFEngine from CFEngine did not pass tests, mostly because promising version from within CFEngine will remove the package (the running process) and leave the system in an anormal state. I tried several other ways to do it and specifically for the case of CFEngine package, I will manage it with a script that I'm going to lau

Jira workflow for new projects

Associated workflow creation I'm a Jira Cloud user and begining from some version 6, I noticed that when I create a project, it automatically creates a Workflow and Issue Scheme that is prepended by the project key and which is a copy of the default scheme. I always had to make a cleanup after creating a project. Default workflow for new projects I also miss a feature that would allow me to make a custom workflow (and globally custom project setting) the default for new projects I create. Solution: Create with shared configuration While searching, I noticed that with Jira Cloud which is version 7.1.0 at the time I write, there is a link at the bottom of the "Create project" wizard: "Create with shared configuration" will allow me to select the project I want the new one to share configuration with. The new created project will use the same configuration as the project I select There will be no creation of Workflow and Issue Scheme that

dpkg set-selections package database

When trying to reproduce installed packages from one Debian (or Ubuntu) to another, the built-in solution is to Get the installed packages on the one hosts and store a dump to a file Copy that dump to the second host Set the packages listed in the dump to be installed Run the installation This is respectively achieved with $ dpkg --get-selections > /tmp/installed-software $ scp /tmp/ # dpkg --set-selections < /tmp/installed-software # apt-get -u dselect-upgrade But on step 3, I often run into a "dpkg: warning: package not in database at line X:". Thanks to  Ray Davies , the solution is to install "dselect" first: # apt-get install dselect Then perform again step 3 then step 4.

jira datepicker date format

When using Jira, I often make use of date fields: In "due date" In Version "start" and "release" date In many other fields I mostly get helped by the date picker to fill that date field. But if the form expects one format and the datepicker fills with another format, you run into a bad format error. There are two places where date format must be set in a coherent way : /secure/admin/AdvancedApplicationProperties.jspa: : d/MM/yy : %e/%b/%y /secure/admin/LookAndFeel!default.jspa: Day/Month/Year Format: d/MM/yy

vmware workstation 12 unable to load

Using VMWare Workstation on ArchLinux, it suddenly refused to launch. when inspecting the logs, which BTW are in /tmp/vmware-<id>, I see: 2015-12-11T17:41:54.442+03:00| appLoader| I125: Log for appLoader pid=1727 version=12.0.1 build=build-3160714 option=Release 2015-12-11T17:41:54.442+03:00| appLoader| I125: The process is 64-bit. 2015-12-11T17:41:54.442+03:00| appLoader| I125: Host codepage=UTF-8 encoding=UTF-8 2015-12-11T17:41:54.442+03:00| appLoader| I125: Host is unknown 2015-12-11T17:41:54.448+03:00| appLoader| W115: HostinfoReadDistroFile: Cannot work with empty file. 2015-12-11T17:41:54.448+03:00| appLoader| W115: HostinfoOSData: Error: no distro file found 2015-12-11T17:41:54.448+03:00| appLoader| I125: Invocation: "/usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-modconfig --launcher=/usr/bin/vmware-modconfig --appname=VMware Workstation --icon=vmware-workstation" 2015-12-11T17:41:54.448+03:00| appLoader| I125: Calling: "/usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-modconfig --launche