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Gnome VNC Grey Checkboxes

When setting up VNC server in Gnome, I get a grey screen (or a black one) and the checkboxes to "Accept clipboard from viewers", "Send clipboard to viewers", "Send primary selection to viewers".
I'm setting up a VNC server on a Debian 10 machine that has Gnome environment.

A zillion articles can be found on Internet, they have the same global path:
Install Gnome and GDMInstall TigerVNCSetup the VNC Server: password + startupRun the serverConnect from the client One of them is this TeknoTut how-to I took inspiration from.

The tutorial is good, but I needed to complete it with extra steps in order to make it work: If the current user has already a running Gnome session, I just get the "grey screen with the checkboxes".

It is good to know that:
The "grey screen" is due to the "xsetroot" command that can be seen in some howtosThe checkboxes are due to the "vncconfig -iconic &" command When you get them, then, it…
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Project Lead NextGen Project

Jira, change project Lead in a Next-Gent project Atlassian has launched a new feature on Jira Cloud instances: Next-Gent project
Roles, Workflow and settings are not the same as in usual.
When one creates a Next-Gent project, the creator is the "Project Lead", and changin this is not straight:
How-to-change-project-lead-in-a-Next-Gen-ProjectHow-do-i-set-default-assignee-and-workflow-in-next-gen-projects Here is the mergeGet the ID of your project: say 10002Go to https://[account name]!default.jspa?pid=10002Set the project Lead

vertx command line parameters

How to pass command line parameters to "vertx run"ContextI'm using continuous delivery and need to checkout a git branch then launch the verticle with a parameter.
For example:
I chekcout the "demo" git branchI deploy it to the target I remotely run the verticle with "vertx run 'demo'" (this actually doesn't work, but it illustrates my needs)The solution: use system environment variablesThe documentation is mentionning it, but it was not straight to me, so here is precisely how I did:
package org.rktmb.vertx // ... import io.vertx.config.ConfigStoreOptions; import io.vertx.config.ConfigRetriever; import io.vertx.config.ConfigRetrieverOptions; // ... public class MainVerticle extends SyncVerticle { @Override public void start(Future startFuture) throws Exception { // ... ConfigStoreOptions jsonEnvConfig = new ConfigStoreOptions().setType("env") .setConfig(new Js…

elasticsearch bulk add

Batch insert data into Elasticsearch
When I want to batch add documents to elasticsearch, this is how I do
I create an index:
curl -XPUT localhost:9200/tmp2I prepare the file for batch insertion (official documentation)
{ "create" : { "_index" : "tmp2", "_id" : "1" } } {"title": "RxJS: How to Use refCount","link": "","text": "My previous article — Understanding the publish and share Operators — looked only briefly at the refCount method. Let’s look at it more closely here."} { "create" : { "_index" : "tmp2", "_id" : "12" } } {"title": "I reverse-engineered Zones (zone.js) and here is what I’ve found","link": "","…

npm run build base-href

Using NPM to specify base-href
When building an Angular application, people usually use "ng" and pass arguments to that invocation.
Typically, when wanting to hard code "base-href" in "index.html", one will issue:

ng build --base-href=''

I used to build my angular apps through Bamboo or Jenkins and they have a "npm" plugin.
I got the habit to build the application with "npm run build" before deploying it.

But the development team once asked me to set the "--base-href=''" parameter.

npm run build --base-href='

did not set the base href in indext.html

After looking for a while, I found where it says:
You need to use −− to pass arguments to npm scripts. This did the job!
The command to issue is then:

npm run build -- --base-href=''

atlassian database configuration file

Where is the Database configuration file? I "often" have to change the database location from "localhost" to another one in the Atlassian products I use and I spend some amount of time figuring out where is the configuration stored.

Here I am.

Bamboo database configuration is in "bamboo-home/bamboo.cfg.xml"
Bitbucket database configuration is in "application-data/shared/"
Confluence database configuration is in "confluence/application-data/confluence.cfg.xml"
Jira database configuration is in "jira/application-data/dbconfig.xml"

move postgresql datadir

How to move PostgreSQL datadirThe contextI run RHEL 7 and CentOS 7 .
The sysadmin team has setup a virtual machine for me and they put a big "/data" partition.
The default PostgreSQL installation usually use "/var/lib/pgsql" for PostgreSQL location.
I want to change it to "/data/pgsql"

How toStop PostgreSQL
systemctl stop postgresql
Move  "/var/lib/pgsql" and retain ownership & permissions
rsync -av /var/lib/pgsql /data/
Note: don't remove "/var/lib/pgsql" yet!

Configure "/data/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf" with the new location:
- #data_directory = 'ConfigDir'           + data_directory = '/data/pgsql/data'
Configure systemd service file "/usr/lib/systemd/system/postgresql.service"
- Environment=PGDATA=/var/lib/pgsql/data + Environment=PGDATA=/data/pgsql/data
Start PostgreSQLand check it all:
# systemctl start postgresql # systemctl status postgresql # ps aux | grep pgsql # su - postgres $ psql p…