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instal tomcat6 on centos6 using yum

Install Tomcat

After some experimentation, I found that I had to issue this install command to get a begining working Tomcat:

 sudo yum install tomcat6.noarch tomcat6-webapps.noarch tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api.noarch tomcat6-jsp-2.1-api.noarch  tomcat6-admin-webapps.noarch tomcat-native 


Just be carefull that this will bring a lot of dependencies:

  Package                                  Arch                Version                                    Repository            Size 
  tomcat-native                            x86_64              1.1.24-1.el6                               epel                  56 k 
  tomcat6                                  noarch              6.0.24-45.el6                              base                  87 k 
  tomcat6-admin-webapps                    noarch              6.0.24-45.el6                              base                  36 k 
  tomcat6-jsp-2.1-api                      noarch              6.0.24-45.el6                              base                  80 k 
  tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api                  noarch              6.0.24-45.el6                              base                  94 k 
  tomcat6-webapps                          noarch              6.0.24-45.el6                              base                 609 k 
 Installing for dependencies: 
  apache-tomcat-apis                       noarch              0.1-1.el6                                  base                 164 k 
  at                                       x86_64              3.1.10-43.el6_2.1                          base                  60 k 
  axis                                     noarch              1.2.1-7.2.el6                              base                 1.5 M 
  bc                                       x86_64              1.06.95-1.el6                              base                 110 k 
  bcel                                     x86_64              5.2-7.2.el6                                base                 1.4 M 
  cdparanoia-libs                          x86_64              10.2-5.1.el6                               base                  47 k 
  classpathx-jaf                           x86_64              1.0-15.4.el6                               base                 100 k 
  classpathx-mail                          noarch              1.1.1-9.4.el6                              base                 479 k 
  cronie                                   x86_64              1.4.4-7.el6                                base                  70 k 
  cronie-anacron                           x86_64              1.4.4-7.el6                                base                  29 k 
  crontabs                                 noarch              1.10-33.el6                                base                  10 k 
  cups                                     x86_64              1:1.4.2-48.el6_3.3                         updates              2.3 M 
  cvs                                      x86_64              1.11.23-11.el6_2.1                         base                 712 k 
  dbus                                     x86_64              1:1.2.24-7.el6_3                           updates              207 k 
  ecj                                      x86_64              1:3.4.2-6.el6                              base                 2.8 M 
  ed                                       x86_64              1.1-3.3.el6                                base                  72 k 
  exim                                     x86_64              4.72-4.el6                                 epel                 1.2 M 
  flac                                     x86_64              1.2.1-6.1.el6                              base                 243 k 
  foomatic                                 x86_64              4.0.4-1.el6_1.1                            base                 251 k 
  foomatic-db                              noarch              4.0-7.20091126.el6                         base                 980 k 
  foomatic-db-filesystem                   noarch              4.0-7.20091126.el6                         base                 4.4 k 
  foomatic-db-ppds                         noarch              4.0-7.20091126.el6                         base                  19 M 
  gettext                                  x86_64              0.17-16.el6                                base                 1.8 M 
  gstreamer-plugins-base                   x86_64              0.10.29-1.el6                              base                 942 k 
  iso-codes                                noarch              3.16-2.el6                                 base                 2.4 M 
  jakarta-commons-collections              noarch              3.2.1-3.4.el6                              base                 523 k 
  jakarta-commons-daemon                   x86_64              1:1.0.1-8.9.el6                            base                  45 k 
  jakarta-commons-dbcp                     noarch              1.2.1-13.8.el6                             base                 116 k 
  jakarta-commons-discovery                noarch              1:0.4-5.4.el6                              base                  73 k 
  jakarta-commons-httpclient               x86_64              1:3.1-0.6.el6                              base                 580 k 
  jakarta-commons-logging                  noarch              1.0.4-10.el6                               base                  52 k 
  jakarta-commons-pool                     x86_64              1.3-12.7.el6                               base                 122 k 
  jakarta-taglibs-standard                 noarch              1.1.1-11.4.el6                             base                 384 k 
  java-1.5.0-gcj                           x86_64                               base                 139 k 
  java-1.6.0-openjdk                       x86_64              1:                updates               25 M 
  java_cup                                 x86_64              1:0.10k-5.el6                              base                 197 k 
  jline                                    noarch              0.9.94-0.8.el6                             base                  86 k 
  jpackage-utils                           noarch              1.7.5-3.12.el6                             base                  59 k 
  libXtst                                  x86_64                                 base                  22 k 
  libart_lgpl                              x86_64              2.3.20-5.1.el6                             base                  65 k 
  libasyncns                               x86_64              0.8-1.1.el6                                base                  24 k 
  libgcj                                   x86_64              4.4.6-4.el6                                base                  19 M 
  libgudev1                                x86_64              147-2.42.el6                               updates               59 k 
  libmng                                   x86_64              1.0.10-4.1.el6                             base                 165 k 
  libsndfile                               x86_64              1.0.20-5.el6                               base                 233 k 
  libvisual                                x86_64              0.4.0-9.1.el6                              base                 135 k 
  log4j                                    x86_64              1.2.14-6.4.el6                             base                 679 k 
  mailx                                    x86_64              12.4-6.el6                                 base                 234 k 
  man                                      x86_64              1.6f-30.el6                                base                 263 k 
  mx4j                                     noarch              1:3.0.1-9.13.el6                           base                 1.1 M 
  pax                                      x86_64              3.4-10.1.el6                               base                  69 k 
  perl-CGI                                 x86_64              3.51-127.el6                               base                 207 k 
  perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker                  x86_64              6.55-127.el6                               base                 291 k 
  perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS                    x86_64              1:2.2003.0-127.el6                         base                  43 k 
  perl-Test-Harness                        x86_64              3.17-127.el6                               base                 229 k 
  perl-Test-Simple                         x86_64              0.92-127.el6                               base                 110 k 
  perl-devel                               x86_64              4:5.10.1-127.el6                           base                 421 k 
  phonon-backend-gstreamer                 x86_64              1:4.6.2-24.el6                             base                 126 k 
  poppler-utils                            x86_64              0.12.4-3.el6_0.1                           base                  73 k 
  pulseaudio-libs                          x86_64              0.9.21-14.el6_3                            updates              462 k 
  qt                                       x86_64              1:4.6.2-24.el6                             base                 3.9 M 
  qt-sqlite                                x86_64              1:4.6.2-24.el6                             base                  51 k 
  qt-x11                                   x86_64              1:4.6.2-24.el6                             base                  12 M 
  qt3                                      x86_64              3.3.8b-30.el6                              base                 3.5 M 
  redhat-lsb                               x86_64              4.0-3.el6.centos                           base                  24 k 
  redhat-lsb-graphics                      x86_64              4.0-3.el6.centos                           base                  12 k 
  redhat-lsb-printing                      x86_64              4.0-3.el6.centos                           base                  11 k 
  regexp                                   x86_64              1.5-4.4.el6                                base                 105 k 
  rhino                                    noarch              1.7-0.7.r2.2.el6                           base                 778 k 
  sinjdoc                                  x86_64              0.5-9.1.el6                                base                 705 k 
  time                                     x86_64              1.7-37.1.el6                               base                  26 k 
  tmpwatch                                 x86_64              2.9.16-4.el6                               base                  31 k 
  tomcat6-el-2.1-api                       noarch              6.0.24-45.el6                              base                  43 k 
  tomcat6-lib                              noarch              6.0.24-45.el6                              base                 2.8 M 
  tzdata-java                              noarch              2012f-1.el6                                updates              154 k 
  wsdl4j                                   noarch              1.5.2-7.8.el6                              base                 157 k 
  xalan-j2                                 noarch              2.7.0-9.8.el6                              base                 1.8 M 
  xml-commons-apis                         x86_64              1.3.04-3.6.el6                             base                 439 k 
  xml-commons-resolver                     x86_64              1.1-4.18.el6                               base                 145 k 
  zip                                      x86_64              3.0-1.el6                                  base                 260 k 
Transaction Summary
 Install      86 Package(s) 
Total download size: 116 M
 Installed size: 326 M 

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