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CV, Contact Mihamina Rakotomandimby


Name: Rakotomandimby Mihamina
Origin: Madagascar
Current location: Madagascar
Background: Mathematics, Computer Science


  • IT Engineering team lead
  • Project manager
  • Open source software developper
  • Linux distribution packager
  • Linux system & network administrator 
  • eXtreme programmer, 
  • Functional and Technical documentation writer. 
  • Framework user: Jelix, OCsigen, Django, Zope


  • C, 
  • OCaml, 
  • Python, 
  • Perl, 
  • Javascript, 
  • PHP

Mastered softwares by category

UNIX System Administrator and Architect:

  • Virtualization: KVM, LXC and OpenVZ
  • Storage: NFS, RAID, LVM, AOE
  • Mail Server: Postfix, Exim, Courier POP/IMAP, Dovecot
  • FreeRADIUS Accounting
  • Database: PostGreSQL, MySQL
  • Directory: OpenLDAP

Research & Development:

  • Python: Web and System
  • PHP: Web
  • OCaml: Web and System
  • Perl: System
  • SHELL Scripts: System


Training, Recruitement and Development Manager at Ideo Neov

August 2011 - Currently : Manage training, Train engineers to increase productivity.

Technical comittee member


  • Enterprise knowledge management
  • IT infrastructure (Linux and FOSS)


Conduct and supervise training and development programs for 90+ employees about:
  • Source Code management (Hg, Git, SVN)
  • Continuous Integration
  • Object Oriented Programing (PHP, Javascript, ActionScript3)
  • Agile Methods (Scrum)
  • Test Driven Development
  • Design Patterns (MVC, EDA,...)


  • High skill engineers and mathematician recruitment
  • Newcomers training to internat tools, workflow & practice
  • Evaluation: interpretation, decision.

BBS Team Manager

November 2010 - August 2011: Engineer team mentor at Blueline
Apply and teach the team from my precedent experience (see the section below)
  • Blueline Top 50 customers infrastructure support
    • High availability (EIGRP or OSPF)
    • Secured Intersite network (OpenVPN or IPSec)
    • General management of workstations, routers and servers
  • Commercial & Financial drive
    • Profits & priority identification
    • Products evolution
    • Customer care

IT Architect at Gulfsat / Blueline Madagascar

June 2009 - November 2010: UNIX System Administrator and Architect
  • Mail system administration and maintainance:
    • Courier to Dovecot migration
    • Exim and Postfix tunning
  • Virtualization, with KVM and OpenVZ
    • (P2V) Physical to virtual migration
    • Hotswap in High Availability context
  • Bandwidth management:
    • (QoS) Quality of service over (DPI) Deep packet inspection
    • Traffic shapping with "tc"
  • City wide WiFi hotspot deployment
    • AAA using Chilli, FreeRadius ans PostGreSQL
  • Server monitoring
    • Custom SNMP OIDs
    • Munin
  • Web interface developer for several services to customer:
    • Email account settings (autoreply, password,...) with OCsigen
    • Hotspots account management with WebPy
    • Log parsing, Database queries for internal use with OCsigen

Project Manager at Vectoris

August 2008 - May 2009: Developers team leader.
  • Website architect: online shops, presentation websites mostly PHP and Javascript
    • Jelix as framework, when needed
    • jQuery as Javascript toolkit
    • Smarty for PHP templating
  • Developer lead: code versioning (SVN & GIT), roadmap and brainstorm coach
    • 5 (PHP & Javascript) developers + 1 integrator (& designer)
    • Data & Database Modelisation
    • Quick & dirty proof of concept and prototyping with OCaml
  • Code review, security oriented
    • Cross browser compatibility (Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox)
    • Benchmarks & Bug hunt
  • Dedicated Web server administration
    • Debian System
    • Distributed LAMP architecture

Developer at Mixid

2007 - 2008: PHP4, Javascript and MySQL Developer
  • Database query Web interface in PHP and Javascript

Sytem Administrator, DBA, Developper at Medical Administrators International

February 2007 - November 2007: Database administration, PHP code maintainance, Bank transfert handle
  • Mysql4 to Mysql5 + query rewriting for performances
  • PHP3 to PHP4 rewrites
  • Etebac file generation and check


  • Email:
  • Téléphone: +261348173869

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