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Gnome VNC Grey Checkboxes

When setting up VNC server in Gnome, I get a grey screen (or a black one) and the checkboxes to "Accept clipboard from viewers", "Send clipboard to viewers", "Send primary selection to viewers".
I'm setting up a VNC server on a Debian 10 machine that has Gnome environment.

A zillion articles can be found on Internet, they have the same global path:
Install Gnome and GDMInstall TigerVNCSetup the VNC Server: password + startupRun the serverConnect from the client One of them is this TeknoTut how-to I took inspiration from.

The tutorial is good, but I needed to complete it with extra steps in order to make it work: If the current user has already a running Gnome session, I just get the "grey screen with the checkboxes".

It is good to know that:
The "grey screen" is due to the "xsetroot" command that can be seen in some howtosThe checkboxes are due to the "vncconfig -iconic &" command When you get them, then, it…