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Project Lead NextGen Project

Jira, change project Lead in a Next-Gent project Atlassian has launched a new feature on Jira Cloud instances: Next-Gent project Roles, Workflow and settings are not the same as in usual. When one creates a Next-Gent project, the creator is the "Project Lead", and changin this is not straight: How-to-change-project-lead-in-a-Next-Gen-Project How-do-i-set-default-assignee-and-workflow-in-next-gen-projects Here is the merge Get the ID of your project: say 10002 Go to https:// [account name]!default.jspa?pid= 10002 Set the project Lead

vertx command line parameters

How to pass command line parameters to "vertx run" Context I'm using continuous delivery and need to checkout a git branch then launch the verticle with a parameter. For example: I chekcout the "demo" git branch I deploy it to the target I remotely run the verticle with "vertx run 'demo'" (this actually doesn't work, but it illustrates my needs) The solution: use system environment variables The documentation is mentionning it, but it was not straight to me, so here is precisely how I did: package org.rktmb.vertx // ... import io.vertx.config.ConfigStoreOptions; import io.vertx.config.ConfigRetriever; import io.vertx.config.ConfigRetrieverOptions; // ... public class MainVerticle extends SyncVerticle { @Override public void start(Future startFuture) throws Exception { // ... ConfigStoreOptions jsonEnvConfig = new ConfigStoreOptions().setType("env") .se

elasticsearch bulk add

Batch insert data into Elasticsearch When I want to batch add documents to elasticsearch, this is how I do I create an index: curl -XPUT localhost:9200/tmp2 I prepare the file for batch insertion ( official documentation ) { "create" : { "_index" : "tmp2", "_id" : "1" } } {"title": "RxJS: How to Use refCount","link": "","text": "My previous article — Understanding the publish and share Operators — looked only briefly at the refCount method. Let’s look at it more closely here."} { "create" : { "_index" : "tmp2", "_id" : "12" } } {"title": "I reverse-engineered Zones (zone.js) and here is what I’ve found","link": ""

npm run build base-href

Using NPM to specify base-href When building an Angular application, people usually use "ng" and pass arguments to that invocation. Typically, when wanting to hard code "base-href" in "index.html", one will issue: ng build --base-href='' I used to build my angular apps through Bamboo or Jenkins and they have a "npm" plugin. I got the habit to build the application with "npm run build" before deploying it. But the development team once asked me to set the "--base-href=''" parameter. npm run build --base-href=' did not set the base href in indext.html After looking for a while, I found where it says: You need to use −− to pass arguments to npm scripts. This did the job! The command to issue is then: npm run build -- --base-href='

atlassian database configuration file

Where is the Database configuration file? I "often" have to change the database location from "localhost" to another one in the Atlassian products I use and I spend some amount of time figuring out where is the configuration stored. Here I am. Bamboo database configuration is in "bamboo-home/bamboo.cfg.xml" Bitbucket database configuration is in "application-data/shared/" Confluence database configuration is in "confluence/application-data/confluence.cfg.xml" Jira database configuration is in "jira/application-data/dbconfig.xml"

move postgresql datadir

How to move PostgreSQL datadir The context I run RHEL 7 and CentOS 7 . The sysadmin team has setup a virtual machine for me and they put a big "/data" partition. The default PostgreSQL installation usually use "/var/lib/pgsql" for PostgreSQL location. I want to change it to "/data/pgsql" How to Stop PostgreSQL systemctl stop postgresql Move  "/var/lib/pgsql" and retain ownership & permissions rsync -av /var/lib/pgsql /data/ Note: don't remove "/var/lib/pgsql" yet! Configure "/data/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf" with the new location: - #data_directory = 'ConfigDir'           + data_directory = '/data/pgsql/data' Configure systemd service file "/usr/lib/systemd/system/postgresql.service" - Environment=PGDATA=/var/lib/pgsql/data + Environment=PGDATA=/data/pgsql/data Start PostgreSQLand check it all: # systemctl start postgresql # systemctl status postgresql # ps aux | grep pgsql #

wget maven ntlm proxy

How to make wget, curl and Maven download behind an NTLM Proxy Working on CentOS, behind an NTLM proxy: yum can deal without problem with a NTLM Proxy wget, curl and Maven cannot The solution is to use " cntlm ". " cntlm " is a NTLM client for proxies requiring NTLM authentication. How it works Install "cntlm" Configure "cntlm"  by giving it your credentials by giving it the NTLM Proxy Start "cntlm" deamon (it listens to "") Configure wget, curl and Maven to use "cntlm" instead of using directly the NTLM Proxy Note: You will have then a kind of 2 stages Proxy : cntlm + the NTLM proxy Configure CNTLM After installing cntlm, the configuration file is in "cntlm.conf". You must have your domain (in the Windows meaning), proxy login and  proxy password. Mine are respectively:, mihamina, 1234abcd (yes, just for the example) You must have you NTLM Proxy Hostnama or IP

Jira server Firefox mobile

Make Jira server to deliver the mobile version when using Firefox Mobile. My use case I mostly receive Jira notifications by Email, read on my telephone. When I want to comment the notification from my telephone, I usually choose Firefox Mobile. Problem Unfortunately (dunno if it has to do with fortune), Firefox Mobile is not a supported web browser, so that Atlassian has made the choice to deliver the desktop version if the client is the client browses with an unsupported browser . Solution I have an Apache reverse proxy in front of my Jira instance: I can force a Redirection to the mobile URL if I match the Firefox Mobile User-Agent. ... RewriteCond "%{HTTP_USER_AGENT}" "^Mozilla\/[1-9]\.0 \(Android [1-9]\.0\.0; Mobile; rv:[1-9][1-9]\.0\) Gecko\/[1-9][1-9]\.0 Firefox\/[1-9][1-9]\.0$" RewriteRule "^/browse/(.+)$" "$1" [R,L,NE] RewriteRule "^/browse/(.+)