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Archlinux installation notes

Introduction I switched to Arch Linux, a totally new distribution for me, and these are some tips I had to perform in order the make things work. Installation The installation guide page is quite clear. It's a step by step set of instruction an intermediate Linux user may blindly follow. The only thing I missed is the syntax of "/etc/vconsole.conf", in order to get my french keyboard considered. Instead of having it on another page , I'd rather it would be in this page. Pidgin At work we need Pidgin with the support of Sametime. I had to recompile it from ABS, and compile the "meanwhile" utilities from AUR. The Pidgin wiki page misses the indication that libpurple-meanwhile has to be installed with meanwhile. Modem I choosed to have my network managed with NetworkManager . As described on the guide, the installation instructions miss the step to enable the NetworkManager service at boot. I had my EVDO ZTE Modem unrecognized until the servic