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vertx command line parameters

How to pass command line parameters to "vertx run" Context I'm using continuous delivery and need to checkout a git branch then launch the verticle with a parameter. For example: I chekcout the "demo" git branch I deploy it to the target I remotely run the verticle with "vertx run 'demo'" (this actually doesn't work, but it illustrates my needs) The solution: use system environment variables The documentation is mentionning it, but it was not straight to me, so here is precisely how I did: package org.rktmb.vertx // ... import io.vertx.config.ConfigStoreOptions; import io.vertx.config.ConfigRetriever; import io.vertx.config.ConfigRetrieverOptions; // ... public class MainVerticle extends SyncVerticle { @Override public void start(Future startFuture) throws Exception { // ... ConfigStoreOptions jsonEnvConfig = new ConfigStoreOptions().setType("env") .se